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Market Making


Technology powered liquidity solutions for digital assets 

Who We Are

  oneAlpha provides cutting-edge trading technology and market making solutions for digital assets. Technology is core to our business, and integrated into everything we do.

We offer electronic trading services to cryptocurrency investors and token issuers worldwide through our proprietary technology. We develop sophisticated trading algorithms and liquidity strategies, provide tailored solutions to any challenge within the digital asset ecosystem and maintain robust systems with a focus on extensive security standards.

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Digital Exchanges Supported
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Different Currency Pairs Traded

Market Making

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Digital Asset Markets

Liquidity on a currency pair is an indicator of project success for token issuers and allows digital exchanges to attract new investors and traders.

This service is becoming increasingly important as new tokens and marketing campaigns compete for the limited attention of potential market participants. oneAlpha runs proprietary market making algorithms that provide consistent market liquidity that encourages stability on the token price by creating a strong order book with a minimal spread, allowing traders to buy and sell your token easily.

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Constant Market Presence

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oneAlpha Value

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Constant Market Presence

Our systems ensure 24/7 liquidity for your token.

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Our engine helps facilitate a strong, deep order book encouraging a healthy trading environment.

Bridging the Gap

We run intelligent strategies to help minimise the spread between your token and its crosses. This helps stimulate the velocity of trading across your marketplace.



Our systems have been designed to help build natural and sustainable trading volumes, helping to support price discovery. 

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System security at oneAlpha is paramount. Our clients benefit from a data centre and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

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Price Stability

Our goal is to help create, build and foster a healthy, liquid trading environment across your trading ecosystem leading to long term price stability.

Exchange Integration & Strategy

oneAlpha has built strong relationships with a number of leading exchange partners. We specialize in the creation and execution of customized exchange listing strategies for our clients as part of our service.


Customised Solutions

Leveraging the specialities of our team, technology and strong network across the blockchain ecosystem, we can design and implement special, custom solutions to fulfil various needs and aid project success. 

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